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Stein Kuhnle: Stein Rokkan - Statesman of the Social Sciences

On occasion of the first World Social Science Forum in Bergen, a booklet on Stein Rokkan has been edited by Professor in Comparative Politics, Stein Kuhnle. The booklet offers a presentation of Stein Rokkan (1921 -79), his background, intellectual achievements, and entrepeneurship for the development of international social sciences and the building of infrastructure for the social sciences


The presentation is compiled on the occasion of the first ever World Social Science Forum, organised by the International Social Science Council of UNESCO in cooperation with the University of Bergen and the Stein Rokkan Center for Social Studies, in Bergen 10-12 May 2009. The location of the forum in Bergen is a tribute to Rokkan, who in Bergen served as a Research Director at the Christian Michelsen Institute; as a professor of Sociology and Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen, and as the first Academic Director of the Norwegian Social Science Data Services, and who was among the "founding fathers" of the ISCC in the early 1950s and its President for the period 1973 - 77.

The booklet contains, in addition to an introduction by professor Stein Kuhnle, contributions previously printed in the memorial volume on Stein Rokkan: Mobilization, Center-Periphery Structures and Nation-Building. The authors are Erik Allardt, Jarle Brosveet, Bjørn Henrichsen, Lars Svåsand, Kirsti Sælen and Henry Valen.