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Pandemic preparedness at UiB

The University of Bergen has a contingency plan in the event of an outbreak of Influenza A (H1N1). It consists of a variety of preventive measures that are in line with UiB’s own pandemic plan and advice from the health authorities.


Prevention is the most important internal measure at UiB. Staff and students will be asked to stay at home if they are ill and to otherwise follow the hygiene advice issued by the health authorities. Hygiene measures have also been implemented in the form of extra cleaning of the university's premises.

Pandemic plan

The University of Bergen has drawn up a pandemic plan as part of its main emergency preparedness plan. The plan provides guidelines for the prioritisation of tasks and the use of personnel in order to be able to keep the university running at an acceptable level in the event of a high rate of personnel absence. All faculties and departments have pandemic plans. The university management is responsible for implementing measures.

The university follows the guidelines provided by the health authorities. The authorities publish up-to-date information about Influenza A (H1N1) at pandemi.no. This site provides factual information and advice to the general public and the health services.

Last updated: 11.08.09