Det medisinske fakultet


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Application form and requirements

Application for admission has to be written on the application form. The application form must be sent to the relevant department.


Faculty has the admission authority. Applications must be submitted through the department the applicant wish to be related to, and shall be signed by the Head of Department. As a rule the candidate is affiliated to the supervisor's department. The department carries out a preliminary review of the application in accordance with applicable regulations before applying for admission to the Faculty.

It is assumed that the department with recommendation for admission makes sure that the candidate has the necessary equipment and other infrastructure (office, laboratory space, etc.) to conduct research.


Application form with detailed instructions can be found on this page


NB! The application form can be completed electronically and saved locally on your computer, but it must be printed for signatures.


The following attachments must be enclosed in the application form:

  • CV
  • A diploma with transcript. (For foreign applicants: Copy of original certificate + original translation from authorized translator if the original diploma is not in English or German).
  • Documentation of financing. (If self funding: Statement by the Department for coverage of expenses).
  • Project description and plan of study
  • Supervisor statement, which includes an evaluation of the applicant, as well as information about the distribution of responsibility between the principal supervisor and co-supervisors.


There is ongoing admission to the PhD program, unless it is adopted a limitation on admission. Faculty will facilitate doble qualification (parallel run with the specialist and researcher). 

The application must be signed by the candidate, the supervisor and Head of the Department the applicant wish to be associated at. The main supervisor should be appointed by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. At least one supervisor must be affiliated with the Department the candidate wishes to be associated.