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Core Lecture

Nonviolent repression in electoral autocracies (Katerina Tertytchnaya)

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Welcome to the Core Lecture "Nonviolent repression in electoral autocracies" by Katerina Tertytchnaya (University College London)


The programme for the core lecture series for the Spring 2023 is:

  • 16 February: "Peer effects and authoritarianism: Evidence from Norway" - Sirianne Dahlum
  • 16 March: "Nonviolent repression in electoral autocracies" - Katerina Terytchnaya
  • 30 March: "Political Culture, Right Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation, and Trump Voters" - Brendon Swedlow
  • 1 June: "Need Not Apply: The Relationship Between the Ideology of Candidates for State Supreme Courts and the Contribution Preferences of Male and Female Donors" - Eric N Waltenburg

All seminars are held on Thursdays 14.00-15.30 in the Sampol Meeting room (2nd Floor), and are open to all. 

If you wish to receive invitations to the CORE Lecture Series, you can send a request to Alexander.Verdoes@uib.no