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Rokkan Symposium 2023

Rokkan Symposium: Populist and Technocratic Challenges to Representative Democracy

The symposium develops on the themes discussed in the Rokkan Memorial Lecture on the preceding day (October 25)



0915-0930: Welcome

0930-1030: Session 1
Daniele Caramani: "Technocracy and ideology"
Adriana Bunea: "Democratizing technocratic policymaking"

1030-1050: Coffee break

1050-1150:  Session 2
Robert A. Huber: "How populists challenge expert-driven climate action"
Fay Farstad: "Political Parties and Climate Change. Positions, Polarisation and Policy Relevance"

1150-1315: Lunch at Christie Café

1315-1415: Session 3
Isabelle Engeli: "Democratic resilience toward attacks against gender"
Michaël Tatham: "Plurality inclusion and the backlash against climate policies: The role of education, gender and rurality"

1415-1430: Coffee break

1430-1530: Session 4
Alexia Katsanidou: "A battlefield for two cleavages: the interplay between the winners and losers cleavage and the new economic centre/periphery cleavage"
Jonas Linde: "The growth of (radical right) populism and its consequences for political support, polarization, and democratic views – Findings from the DEMoPOP project"

1530-1600: Roundtable
"With party democracy being challenged from populist and expert directions; what is the future of democracy? Will it be resilient; collapse; or adapt? Will it be able to make ethical and fair decisions for most, while also keeping some level of effectiveness?"

Daniele Caramani, Isabelle Engeli, Robert Huber, Alexia Katsanidou

Chair: Yvette Peters

Registration is mandatory.