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Chinese Politics in a Globalized World

Our collaborative semester program in Shanghai (Fudan University) is taking a break in 2014/15. Several of our key contributors will be occupied with other work this coming year, and we will utilize this time to strengthen our capacities and further develop the program for spring 2016.

Nordic Center, Fudan University
Nordic Center, Fudan University
Adrian Kjær


Spring semester course in Shanghai, China, at the Nordic Centre and School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University. One semester, three course modules, 30 ECTS.

Our Chinese Politics in a Globalized World semester program has been running since 2012. This is an exciting opportunity for students wanting to study Chinese politics and developments in a global perspective. The semester-long program, building on three modules, offers students unique insights into the growing interdependence between Chinese and world developments, Chinese domestic politics and society, as well as opportunity to study Chinese language and culture. The program offers ample opportunities to integrate in a Chinese university environment, with half of the students and teachers coming from Chinese (Fudan) and Nordic universities.

The program runs during the spring semester at Fudan University (Shanghai), and the program includes local excursions and travels to the Chinese countryside and the Chinese capital, Beijing. The full-semester course program consists of three modules: 1) “Chinese Developments in a Globalized World” (joint course with matching number of Chinese and Nordic university students), 2) “Chinese Politics” (primarily for Nordic university students), and 3) “Chinese Culture and Language” (primarily for Nordic university students). The last module includes a language course focused on conversational Chinese for beginners, with more advanced options offered to students who already have some command of Chinese Mandarin.

For more detailed information about the past spring 2013 program, see below links. Details about spring 2016 program, including how to apply, will be posted in due time.

The program is a collaboration between the Nordic Centre and the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University; Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen; Department of Political Science and NIAS (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies), University of Copenhagen. The program course modules are taught by highly experienced scholars from the above institutions - all with first-hand experience from work and research related to China.

The program is aimed at advanced (4-6 semester) Bachelor students and Master students in political science, social sciences and other relevant fields. Interested students should contact their local international office/coordinator for more information on how to arrange student exchange from their home institutions.

Please check the above links for contact information and get in touch if you have further questions.

Follow these links for more information about life in Shanghai and studying at  the Nordic Center and the Fudan University.

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