Department of Biology

Biology is the science of life, all living organisms and their relationship to the environment they live in. BIO is a large department where we research and teach in a broad range of biological topics and issues. 


Study at BIO

For questions, please contact:  studieveileder@bio.uib.no



Mapping the world for climate sensitivity

By using information gathered by satellites, a group of biologists have developed a new method for measuring ecosystem sensitivity to climate variability.


The return of the flatworm

Where does the acoel flatworm belong in the tree of life? Biologists have discussed this question for the last 20 years. Now Andreas Hejnol and his colleagues at the Sars Centre believe they have found the answer. The results are published in Nature.


Educating engineers in aquaculture and seafood

A new integrated Master’s degree programme at the University of Bergen combines a traditional biology education with finance and entrepreneurship. The programme is unique to Norway.


Biology students participating in global experiment

The goal is to understand how the ecosystems on Earth will be affected by a future climate distinguished by more extreme weather.


Virus research projects gets EU funding

What is the real nature of viruses? This is a central question for the University of Bergen researchers who have received multimillion funding for the research project Virus-X.

BIO's vision

BIO aims to produce fundamental and pioneering knowledge of the origin of life, its development, processes and systems, and help solve major global challenges.

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