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The administration at BIO consists of expedition and management support, the study section and research support, all of which have their workplace on Marineholmen. The department also has resources from the finance section and the HR section at MatNat, but these people do not have a permanent workplace on Marineholmen.

Contact information

Visiting address
Institutt for Biovitenskap, Biologen
Thormøhlensgate 53A, 2. et.

Postal address
University of Bergen
Department of Biological Sciences
Postbox 7803
N-5020 Bergen


+47 55 58 44 00

Department management

Head of department: Ørjan Totland

Assisting Head of Department: Jon Vidar Helvik

Head of administration: Julie Stavnes

Head of education: Anne Elisabeth Bjune

Academic divisons (faggrupper)

Below you will find a list of the department's academic divisions, along with contact information for the divison leaders. The divisions' main task is to take care of teaching within their respective subject areas. The division leader can also connect you to relevant reseearchers and research environments within their field.

Ecology and Evolution Divison - John-Arvid Grytnes

Microbiology Divison - Gunnar Bratbak

Fish Health Divison - Are Nylund

Fisheries and Marine Biology Divison - Arild Folkvord

Environmental Biology and Acquaculture Divison - Jon Vidar Helvik

Molecular Biology Division - Øyvind Halskau

Study section

Contact us:  studie@bio.uib.no

Beate Ulrikke Rensvik +47 55 58 22 41

  • Section leader
  • Coordinator for the master's programme in Biology, responsible for the Biodiversity, Evolution and ecology, Environmental Toxicology and Microbiology specializations

Tommy Strand +47 55 58 44 09

  • Coordinator for the PhD programme in Biology

Ingvil Roosendaal Sahr – 55 58 44 81

  • Coordinator for the master's programme in Biology, responsible for the Fisheries Biology and Management, Marine Biology, Aquaculture Biology and Developmental Biology, and Physiology and Nutrition specializations.

Lill Kristin Knudsen +47 55 58 45 29

  • Coordinator for the bachelor’s programme in Molecular Biology
  • Coordinator for the master’s programme in Molecular Biology

Tone Stokka – 55 58 30 31

  • Coordinator for the bachelor's programme in Biology

Kjerstin Nilsen Nøkling - 55 58 33 45

  • Coordinator for research/workplace practice courses
  • Coordinator for the Teacher's education and Practical teaching programmes

Kristin Holtermann – 55 58 26 84

  • Advisor at bioCEED
  • Coordinator for the course BIO299 Research Practice in Biology

Marthe Gjerstad Hodneland – 55 58 44 39

  • Coordinator for the integrated master's programme in Fish Health
  • Coordinator for the civil engineer programme in Aquaculture and Seafood

Grethe Aarbakke – 55 58 42 36

  • Coordinator for exams and teaching schedules for Molecular Biology courses (courses with a "MOL"-code)

Reception and admin

Sverre Jarle Borch

  • General inquiries (internal and external, both by phone, e-mail and in person)
  • Collection and distribution of mail
  • Receipt of parcels, sending of mail / parcels
  • Access control (key card, office keys, reading room keys)
  • Information work (including information on screens and in the calendar)
  • Room bookings
  • Orders for the administration
  • Practical arrangements in connection with anniversaries, disputation, meetings and the like for the entire administration at BIO

Nina Hølland

  • Management support - including reception of new staff, scheduling of meetings/booking of rooms, secretarial tasks (for the HSE and electoral boards), archiving (ephorte), routine development, organization of events, management of IT-accounts (SEBRA)
  • Management of indoor areas - including distribution of offices and keeping track of allication of areas, tenants and agreements 
  • Main contact towards the Estate management divison regarding indoor cleaning and maintenance
  • Overseeing registration of scientific publications in the CRISTIN database
  • Responsible for internal informational channels, databases and e-mail lists
  • Back-up function for reception services

Claudia Borkowska

  • apprentice

Knut Olav Daasvatn

  • Application support and information for projects focussed on education (INTPART, Erasmus+ and more) and networking
  • Main editor for the department's website and internal newsletter (BIO-nytt)
  • User support for publishing on www.uib.no
  • Management support tasks


Research administration

Sjoukje Kuipers

  • Support and advice on research proposals to the Norwegian Research Council, EU and other national and international research programmes
  • Administrativ follow up of externally financed projects related to contracts, reporting and more
  • Management support in relation to research in areas such as reporting, hearings, evaluations
  • Tasks related to the follow-up of the department's research strategy in cooperation with the department managemen

Rannveig Nina Myklebust

Knut Olav Daasvatn (see above)

  • Application support and information for projects focussed on education (INTPART, Erasmus+ and more) and networking

Human resources (HR)

The HR-staff are formally affiliated with the Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences, and divide their office time between the Faculty secretariat and the department and have tasks related both to the Faculty and the Department.

Lise Engelbreth

  • Supervision and case management related to staff recruitment
  • General HR case management

Karoline S. Christiansen (on leave until 2023)

  • Case management and supervision related to staff recruitment
  • General HR case management

Mathilde Høgalmen (substitute until the end of 2022)

  • Case management and supervision related to staff recruitment
  • General HR case management


The finance staff are employed at the Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences and will have tasks for both the Faculty and the Department. The economists who have the most tasks at the department share office hours between the Faculty secretariat and the Department.

The Faculty's finance section has used the UiBhjelp service portal as a system for receiving, distributing and answering questions and other inquiries from employees and students at the faculty. By reporting cases via this channel rather than e-mail to individuals, it is ensured that the inquiries will always be handled within a reasonable time, regardless of holidays and other absences with individuals.

The faculty's financial tasks are divided between

  • Business economists with responsibility for invoice processing, reimbursement of travel expenses (travel invoice) and other expenses, variable salary (hourly wage, fee) and control of bookings
  • Project economists who provide support to project managers related to external projects in various phases: application, contract, operation and termination phase. This means, among other things. financial reporting, help with application budget and invoicing.
  • Controllers responsible for the department's total finances, budget, forecast and accounting follow-up.