Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)
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External funding - Application process at BIO

Applications from BIO for external funding must be well planned and anchored in the department's management. In order to provide good administrative support for the process (including setting up the budget), the following guidelines apply.

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All proposals require:

  • Registration using the "BIO Proposal Registration Unit4"-form
  • Budget preparation by a project economist
  • Budget approval by the department management before submission

Timeline for research proposals

  • In the planning phase: Take contact with the department's research admin (see right column)
  • 4 weeks before application deadline: Submit the BIO Proposal Registration Unit4 form as soon as possible (and no later than 4 weeks before the application deadline / planned submission date).
    • Following submission of the form, proposals will be registered in the project application module and a project economist will be assigned to the project. 
    • Thereafter, budgets should be prepared in dialogue with the project economist and in accordance with the TDI-model.  For details, see BIO's guidelines for budgeting project proposals (See BIO-Ansatt Forsiden/Forskning) [in MittUiB, requires login]
    • When applicable, grant access to your Head of administration and Project economist in the portal (NFR, espresso, EU Funding and Tenders portal)
  • 1 week before deadline: Final budget must be sent to the department management (Head of administration) for approval.
  • Last week before deadline: Finalization of formalities.  "Letters of intent", "-support" etc are to be signed by the Head of administration or Head of department but only AFTER the budget has been approved.
  • Upon submission: Forward a copy of the final proposal to the research advisor.
  • Following submission: Notify the research advisor as soon as you learn the proposal outcome.

EU - Horizon Europe

Current and planned calls are published in the Funding and tenders portal. The department collaborates closely with the University's BOA-team specializing in EU's major programs.  For more info, see: UiB Horizon Europe

Routines for participation in EU proposals for BIO staff:

Contact person at BIO: Sjoukje Kuipers

Contact persons at the Division of Research and Innovation: Who does What? LCP - Local Contact Points and BOA experts

The Research Council

Current and planned calls are published on the Research Council homepage.  The department collaborates closely with the UIB BOA-team regarding the Research Council's large-scale programs i.e. SFF, SFI and INFRASTRUCTURE. For more info see: Forskningsrådets søknadstyper og program (UiB.no, Norwegian language). For all other Research Council programs,  the guidelines under the department's general timeline for proposals apply.

Note: 4 weeks before deadline / submission - Create an e-proposal ("e-søknad") in the application portal and

Contact person at BiO

  • Knut Olav Daasvatn - calls/projects primarily directed at education and teaching [eg. INTPART, FINNUT]
  • Rannveig Myklebust - calls/projects directed at innovation and commercialization [eg. IPN, KOMMERSFORSK]
  • Sjoukje Kuipers - all other calls/projects [eg. all FORSKER-projects]


Current and planned calls are published here: Tilskuddsutlysninger. The research admin staff collaborates closely with the study section on all education and teaching related proposals.

4 weeks before deadline / submission: Create an e-application in Espresso (the application portal) and give access to the project economist and research adviser.


UiB is member of a range of national and international networks which may offer a variety of possibilities for UiB staff and partners.  For more information, see this webpage:

Collaboration (UiB)

For more information on possibilities for financing, courses, mobility and networking, see:

Offers to employees through UiBs national and international collaborations