Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

HSE-handbook for Department of Biological Sciences

Ordsky med HMS-relaterte ord montert sammen med et utvendig bilde av instituttet

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General information

This handbook applies to all staff and students at the Department of Biological Sciences (BIO) as well as guests and all other persons making use of BIO's premises and equipment.


The university wants all adverse events and matters that have resulted or may result in harm to people, the environment or material values to be reported as HSE non-conformities.

Image of the red "Register breach" button from UiBhjelp
By reporting HSE non-conformities, we can follow up any personal injuries or any undesired events and implement new measures to prevent similar events from happening again. HSE non-conformities should be reported through Uibhjelp.

More information regarding what should be considered as HSE non-conformities and what should not be reported is explained in the HSE-gateway.


Bullying and harassment

UiB and BIO have zero tolerance for bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace between employees and between employees and students.

Students should report unwanted incidents through their own whistleblowing channel. For more information regarding guidelines on conflicts, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment involving students at UiB, click here.

Employees can find information on how to report unwanted incidents through sikresiden.no and the HSE-gateway. UiB’s guidelines for

Bullying and harassment should not be reported as HSE non-conformities but should be handled in accordance with the current guidelines for whistleblowing. An electronic notification form can be used when reporting unwanted incident. It can otherwise be notified via safety representative, employee representative, colleague, lawyer or similar to a notification recipient.

Sikresiden.no provides information about preventing difficult situations and what to do in a crisis.