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The DNA Sequencing Lab is a self-sufficient UoB facility housed in and administrated by the Department of Biological Sciences.

The sequencing facility offers Sanger DNA sequencing analysis for users from the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital and several external institutes, companies and independent research groups.

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We have set up a mailinglist for the users of the DNA Sequencing Lab. To join, CLICK HERE.

Where to find us

You will find us on the 2th floor of BIOLOGEN, A-blokken, Thomølens gate 53A. Sample freezer is located in the BIO administration.

For BigDye please call 55584553/45247916.


Tel: +47 555 84553
E-mail: seqlab@uib.no


Service message
Illustrasjonsbilde som viser et varselskilt med et utropstegn

The sequencing facility is closed until further notice

The sequencing facility has been closed until further notice. Se below for information on alternative services.

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Big Dye available for sale

We have a residual stock of Big Dye which can be purchased upon request

To download your samples

LOG IN here!

Please note that your sample files only are available on our server for six weeks after they are processed.


Samples can be sent to

Sequencing Facility , BIO
University of Bergen
Thormølensgate 53A
5008 Bergen, Norway


Attention: if sending through "normal" mail, use the following address:


Universitetet i Bergen

Molekylærbiologisk institutt

Pb. 7803, Merk: Sekvenslaben

N-5020 Bergen

Tel: +47 555 84553
E-mail: seqlab@uib.no