Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

About the Department of Biological Sciences

BIO embodies research and research based education within a broad spectrum of biological disciplines.

Jan Kåre Wilhelmsen

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BIO is among the largest departments at the University of Bergen and has more than 50 permanent scientific positions, more than 50 technical/administrative positions, and more than 100 temporary scientific positions, including PhDs and post docs.

BIO offers numerous research-based study options across a wide spectre of biological disciplines.

• Bachelor-levels courses, application deadline 15 April,
Masters, application deadlines 1 December (international applicant), 15. april (Norwegian applicants)
PhD programmes

Department of Biological Sciences (BIO) undertakes research across a broad range of disciplines: developmental biology, microbiology, evolutionary biology, ecology and biodiversity. BIO is also strongly involved in themes such as climate, aquaculture, fish health, nutrition, fisheries, and petroleum.

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