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Fire instructions for user representative

Instructions for user fire representative.

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One fire representative must be appointed, with a deputy for each building.

The user representative should:

  • Inform the fire brigade and receive feedback from the site manager when evacuating the building in the event of a fire/gas alarm. Use site managers as guards at entrances when needed.
  • Document in accordance with the form – fire organisation (site managers), drills, evacuation routes, inform new employees (and site managers) and non-conformities.
  • Be familiar at all times with the locations of evacuation routes and extinguishing equipment, and be familiar with how to use this equipment.
  • Carry out drills (not during examinations)
  • Represent the user at inspections by the fire authorities of Special fire objects – Section 13, Buildings where the fire brigade perform inspections. Present documentation on fire drills, fire safety training, risk analyses, inspections of evacuation routes, laws and any internal procedures.