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Global and development-related research is one of two priority areas for research at the University of Bergen.


UiB Global is a unit responsible for initiating and coordinating multi- and transdisciplinary research and related activities within this priority area.


The unit aims to strengthen synergies across disciplines and build on the University´s long history of academic cooperation with partners in the Global South.


UiB Global's academic coordinator reports directly to Rector.

Africa Middle East Asia Europe Latin America North America The Pacific

Poverty, health, food, water, democracy, environment and climate are among the topics that belong to development-related research - one of UiB's two priority areas. Find out about UiB's research groups or browse the map to see what we do around the world.

  • Bergen Summer Research School
    Keynote Speaker: Professor Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food.

    BSRS with a long list of open lectures

    This year’s list of plenary sessions is packed with exciting titles and original researchers.

  • UiB Global Lecture

    Time to reflect on the MDGs

    Development expert urges Universities to help reflect on how the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) have influenced and distorted development policies and strategies.

  • Global Seminars

    New multidisciplinary seminar series

    UiB Global launces a seminar series for researchers and students engaged with development related challenges.

    Ferry to Zanzibar

    Improving weather forecasting

    UiB has teamed up with universities in South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda to develop the meteorological capacity of the three countries.