Global and development-related research


Research related to global challenges facing our societies is one of three priority areas at the University of Bergen.

Poverty, health, food, water, democracy, environment and climate are among the topics that belong to this kind of research.

BSRS 2016

Bergen Summer Research School 2016: Water, Climate and Society

Water experts will gather in Bergen from June 13-24 for the international summer school for PhD candidates and junior researchers. Application deadline is March 1, 2016.

Network talk
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Federalism in Nepal

How will poverty rates, ethnic composition and local tax incomes vary with the map drawn for a new federal Nepal -- status quo or an ethnic based federalism, motivated by a demand for autonomy?


How the Modern World was created

Why did the industrial revolution first emerge in Europe and not in Asia? Professor Terje Tvedt wants to answer this question, and is now in the final round for an ERC Advanced Grant.

new book

Knowledge for a Sustainable World

New book from the SANORD network: "Knowledge for a Sustainable World: Southern African-Nordic contribution" - free download


Latin American film series

Interested in films? Every Friday afternoon this semester, a Latin American film will be shown at UiB Global.

Research related activities at UiB Global  
Comparative Research Programme on Poverty    
Nile Basin Research Programme   
Political Economy of Globalisation   
Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

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UiB Global is responsible for initiating and coordinating multi- and transdisciplinary research and related activities within the Univeristy's priority area of global and development-related research. The unit aims to strengthen synergies across disciplines and build on the University's long history of academic cooperation with partners in the Global South.

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