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Sociologists study relations between humans in small and large social communities, between individuals, groups and organisations at the local, national and global level.

International conference and post-conference PhD-course, 30th and 31st of May, 2017 :

"Transitions to adulthood in times of inequality: the changing impact of intergenerational relations"


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Symbolic boundaries in social space

Vegard Jarness has recently published the article “Viewpoints and Points of View: Situating Symbolic Boundary Drawing in Social Space” in the journal European Societies.


Age norms and early school leaving

Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt recently published an article in European Societies. This article examines the issue of early school leaving from upper secondary education in light of life course theory on age norms.


American sociologist is awarded honorary doctorate at UiB

The distuingished American sociologist Arthur L. Stinchcombe has been appointed a honorary doctor at the University of Bergen.

New article

Class and food

Johs. Hjellbrekke and Vegard Jarness, in cooperation with Magne Flemmen from University of Oslo, have recently published an article in Sociology. The title is "Class, Culture and Culinary Tastes: Cultural Distinctions and Social Class Divisions in Contemporary Norway."

New article

Welfare and digitalization

Hans-Tore Hansen, Liv Syltevik (UiB) and Kjetil Lundberg (UNI Rokkan) have published an article titled "Digitalization, Street-Level Bureaucracy and Welfare Users' Experiences" in Journal of Social Policy & Administration

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