Department of Sociology

Sociologists study relations between humans in small and large social communities, between individuals, groups and organisations at the local, national and global level.


Class, body and culture

Lisa Maria Breisten Sølvberg and Vegard Jarness have recently published an article, "Class, body and culture". The article adresses physical activity and symbolic boundaries in the upper class. The article is based on Sølvbergs master thesis.


From Job-seekers to Self-searchers

Kristoffer Vogt recently published an article in Sage Journals about changing contexts and understandings of School-to-work transitions.


A struggle on two fronts!

Vegard Jarness and Magne Flemmen have recently published an article in The British journal of Sociology regarding boundary drawing in the lower region of the social space and the symbolic market for ‘down-to-earthness’.


Imagining and experiencing the 'refugee crisis' (IMEX)

The IMEX-project investigates both the experiences of the recent Syrian diaspora in Europe and of the majority population in Norway.

Call for papers

European Sociological Association RN 33 Mid-term Conference in Bergen June 14-15 2018

‘Gender relations and welfare policies in transition: Markets, States, and Families’