Bergen Bullying Research Group
Department of Psychosocial Science
Christiesgate 12
Telephone: +47 55 58 90 79/76

About the group

The Bergen Bullying Research Group (BBRG) is a research team at the University of Bergen in Norway devoted to research on workplace bullying and harassement, destructive leadership, emotions in organisations, and whistleblowing.

The aim of BBRG is to publish empirical, theoretical and applied contributions of an international quality in order to assist organisations and governmental agencies in the prevention and treatment of destructiveness in the workplace, and to create and maintain an international network of researchers devoted to the collaborate effort of producing high quality research in this field.

Our research team consists of a combination of senior researchers, international visiting researchers, post-doc researchers, and doctoral students. A considerable strength among the researcher in the BBRG is a broad experience and training in organisational development and consulting. Moreover, the research team have considerable expertise in design, execution and analysis of both qualitative and quantitive data.

Another aim of the BBRG is to distribute and promote the Negative Acts Questionnaire (NAQ). The NAQ is a research inventory designed to measure perceived exposure to bullying and victimisation at work, and is perhaps the most frequently used inventory for measuring workplace bullying. World-wide data from the NAQ will be added to the International Database on the Prevalence and risk factors of Bullying at work (IDPB).