Evolutionary ecology

Evolutionary Ecology (EvoFish) is a research group working on both fundamental and applied aspects of eco-evolutionary biology.

We work with fisheries-induced evolution, environmental influence on fish behaviour and cognition, evolutionary parasitology, and plant-animal interactions. Our model species include guppy, daphnids, salmon lice, salmon and gobies. We have strong traditions in biostatistics, experiments, and modelling.

Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology (EvoFish) was established in 2007 with a grant from the Bergen Research Foundation. Evolutionary Ecology was one of original groups at BIO from 2004. In September 2013, our groups merged. To reflect the breath of our research we took Evolutionary Ecology as the group name, but will keep EvoFish as our short name.

Theme section

Balanced harvest and the ecosystem approach to fisheries

The ICES Journal of Marine Science has published a theme section on "balanced harvesting".

Letters from Taiwan

Norway in Taiwan

Norwegian seafood can pop up in unexpected places.

Master degree

Eihab completes his Master degree

Eihab has been studying how shape and colour have changed in experimentally harvested guppy populations.

Master degree

Silje completes her Master degree

Silje has studied whether environmental enrichment affects aggressive behaviour in juvenile salmon.

Master degree

Ingeborg completes her Master degree

Ingeborg has been studying whether the timing of environmental enrichment affects spatial learning in juvenile salmon.

Master with EvoFish?

We can offer a range of projects related to fish behaviour and life histories, fish dynamics, salmon louse and other parasites, etc., that are relevant for the Master programmes in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology, Marine Biology, Aquaculture Biology, and Fisheries Biology and Management.