Evolutionary ecology
Master project

Endre is studying variation in escape response of guppies

Endre has started his master project where he is studying differences in the escape response of guppies.

A person catching fish from a tank
Endre practicing catching in the lab.
Beatriz Diaz Pauli

Main content

The thesis is (at least provisionally) entitled "Guppy getaway: A study of escape response in Poecilia reticulata". Escape response in a lab setting can be used as a proxy for predator avoidance in the wild. By catching guppies both individually and in groups, Endre wants to study how their escape response varies as a function of individual traits, population, and size-selective harvest treatments.

The thesis is supervised by Beatriz Diaz Pauli (main supervisor) and Mikko Heino. The activity is related to the project "Cost of life-history adaptations in guppies".