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The role of public authorities: Steering urban freight transport

Semesterets første lunsjseminar er med Karin Fossheim, PhD ved Universitetet i Oslo og forsker ved Transportøkonomisk institutt.

Varelevering i trafikkert gate
Trondheim havn, Wikimedia Commons (Lisens: CC BY-SA 2.0)


Arrangementet blir holdt på engelsk:

Urban freight transport is primarily a private matter; however public authorities have a strong interest in its execution due to the negative externalities and the impact on urban life. With digitalisation and technological innovations promoting the on-demand and gig economy, it is safe to assume growth in freight volumes. This development is incompatible with public authorities' environmental targets and liveability interests, i.e. achieving "essentially CO2-free city logistics in major urban centres by 2030".

Given this divergence in interests, I will in the seminar illustrate some of the instruments public authorities have to steer urban freight transport in a direction that incorporates emission cuts and accommodates the increasing number of freight deliveries. Such instruments, for example, urban freight plans, green procurement criteria and urban freight networks, are valuable for politicians to set the direction of urban freight actors.

About the speaker:

Karin Fossheim is a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo and a researcher at the Institute of Transport Economics. Her research focuses on urban development, urban freight transport, policymaking, governance, public-private partnerships, local democracy and representation.



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