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  • Grande C, Martín-Durán JM, Kenny NJ, Truchado-García M, Hejnol A (2014). Evolution, divergence and loss of the Nodal signalling pathway: new data and a synthesis across the Bilateria. Int J Dev Biol 58:521-532 
  • Bekkouche N, Kristensen RM, Hejnol A, Sørensen, MV, Worsaae K (2014).  Detailed reconstruction of the musculature in Limnognathia maerski (Micrognathozoa) and comparison with other GnathiferaFront Zool 11:71 - link 
  • Børve A, Hejnol A (2014).  Development and juvenile anatomy of the nemertodermatid Meara stichopi (Bock) Westblad 1949 (Acoelomorpha). Front Zool 11:50
  • Schnitzler CE, Simmons DK, Pang K, Martindale MQ and Baxevanis AD (2014).  Expression of multiple Sox genes through embryonic development in the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi is spatially restricted to zones of cell proliferation EvoDevo 5:15  


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  • Martín-Durán JM, Mendoza A, Sebé-Pedrós A, Ruiz-Trillo I, Hejnol A (2013).  A broad genomic survey reveals multiple origins and frequent losses in the evolution of respiratory hemerythrins and hemocyanins Genome Biol Evol 5:1435-1442 - abstract 
  • Chiodin M, Børve A, Berezhikov E, Ladurner P, Martinez P, Hejnol A (2013). Mesodermal gene expression in the acoel Isodiametra pulchra indicates a low number of mesodermal cell types and the endomesodermal origin of the gonads. PLoS ONE 8(2):e55499 


  • Schnitzler CE, Pang K, Powers ML, Reitzel AM, Ryan JF, Simmons D, Tada T, Park M, Gupta J, Brooks SY, Blakesley RW, Yokoyama S, Haddock SHD, Martindale MQ and Baxevanis AD (2012).  Genomic organization, evolution, and expression of photoprotein and opsin genes in Mnemiopsis leidyi: a new view of ctenophore photocytes BMC Biol 10:107 - abstract 
  • DuBuc TQ, Ryan JF, Shinzato C, Satoh N, Martindale MQ (2012). Coral Comparative Genomics Reveal Expanded Hox Cluster in the Cnidarian–Bilaterian AncestorIntegr Comp Biol 52(6):835-841 
  • Martín-Durán JM, Janssen R, Wennberg S, Budd GE, Hejnol A (2012). Deuterostomic Development in the Protostome Priapulus caudatus.  Curr Biol 22:2161-2166 - abstract 
  • Maxwell EK, Ryan JF, Schnitzler CE, Browne WE and Andreas D Baxevanis (2012).  MicroRNAs and essential components of the microRNA processing machinery are not encoded in the genome of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi BMC Genomics 13:714 - abstract 
  • Santagata S, Resh C, Hejnol A, Martindale MQ, Passamaneck, YJ (2012).  Development of the larval anterior neurogenic domains of Terebratalia transversa (Brachiopoda) provides insights into the diversification of larval apical organs and the spiralian nervous systemEvoDevo 3:3  


  • Fuchs J, Martindale MQ and Hejnol A (2011) Gene expression in bryozoan larvae suggest a fundamental importance of pre-patterned blastemic cells in the bryozoan life-cycle EvoDevo 2:13 
  • Passamaneck YJ, Furchheim N, Hejnol A, Martindale MQ, Lüter C (2011). Ciliary photoreceptors in the cerebral eyes of a protostome larva EvoDevo 2:6 - abstract


  • Hejnol A, Martindale MQ (2009).  Coordinated spatial and temporal expression of Hox genes during embryogenesis in the acoel Convolutriloba longifissura. BMC Biol 7(1):65 - abstract


Reviews and Book Chapters


  • Stracke K, Hejnol A (2022) Marine animal evolutionary developmental biology - advances through technology development. Evol Applications https://doi.org/10.1111/eva.13456
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Earlier Publications

  • Hejnol A, Obst M, Stamatakis A, Ott M, Rouse GW, Edgecombe GD, Martinez P, Baguñà J, Bailly X, Jondelius U, Wiens M, Müller, WEG, Seaver E, Wheeler WC, Martindale MQ, Giribet G, Dunn CW (2009). Assessing the root of bilaterian animals with scalable phylogenomic methods. Proc R Soc B 276:4261-4270
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