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Experimental Design:

We offer an advisory meeting prior to the start of the project, where the user may discuss all aspects of the project thoroughly with our highly qualified personnel. This service is free of charge and is offered regardless of whether the project will be run in our lab or somewhere else.


Quality Control of Data: 

Included in our genomic service is a quality control of the data generated at GCF.



Together with the Helpdesk at the Norwegian Bioinformatic Platform we arrange hands-on analysis workshops on both high throughput sequencing data and microarray data. This is a interactive workshop where users bring their own genomics data. 

Please sign up to the workshop mailinglist in order to get invitations to workshops in Bergen. 


Usefull links:

Norwegian Bioinformatic Platform

NeLS-Galaxy (NeLS (Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences) galaxies are the online tools to analyze data for life science researchers.)

NeLS-portal (NeLS (Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences) portal is a Norwegian portal that provides data storage for life science researchers.)