CONFECT – viral ecology and evolution

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This is a RCN funded INTPART project lasting from 2021- 2026 with the aim to promote teaching, outreach and networking in viral ecology and evolution. We have a number of planned activities with joint international collaborations, which will be updated on this website. 

CONFECT will be present at the Opplev på Marineholmen on the 23 April, where we will showcase the fascinating world of marine viruses! Come along and join us from 11:00 to 18:00!

New marinforsk project on virus-host interactions
VirVar illustration

VirVar: Uncovering key players for regulation of phytoplankton function and structure: lessons to be learned from algal virus-haptophyte coexistence

New Marinforsk project, led by Ruth-Anne Sandaa (UiB) will explore the co-evolution of host resistance and virulence