Special needs arrangements for students with disabilities

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Many students have a disability that is invisible. Students who look healthy and fit can have major physical problems, others may have mental problems. Students with different disabilities may need to spend more time on their studies than others.

Who can I contact?

I need special teaching arrangements:

- Individually arranged teaching
- Extended deadline for semester assignments / exercises
- Longer period to complete my study programme
- Leave from my studies

I need special examiniation arrangements:

- Arrangements for written school examinations (Study Department)
- Facilitation of other forms of assessment (Faculty / department)

Other offers at Sammen (The Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen):

- Advice and guidance on various support schemes
- Psychologist service
- Courses and groups

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Support services available

Here you will get an overview of the support services we offer for students with special needs at UiB.

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Studying abroad with a disability

Here you will find information on studying abroad as an exchange student with disabilities.