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Erasmus+ Traineeships

The Erasmus+ Traineeship scheme is a programme funded by the European Commission.

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How to arrange an Erasmus+ traineeship

Erasmus+ traineeship/interships must be arranged directly between the student and his/her home institution, and the department where the student wish to be placed at the University of Bergen. 

Applicants must therefore inquiry at their home institution, if they are eligible for a traineeship period abroad. The traineeship period must be recognised/included towards the student degree in home institution.


A traineeship period in the Erasmus+ programme must last between 2 and 12 months.  A traineeship period for less than 2 months will not be registered.

For more information: European Commission - Traineeship Student

The maximum period for a non-degree short term student status at UIB  (trainee/exchange students ), is limited to maximum one academic year (two semester). This applies regardless of whether there were two non-contiguous periods.

Erasmus+ traineeship students are not given housing guarantee.


The Learning Agreement for traineeship must be signed by the trainee, the home institution and the receiving faculty/department at University of Bergen by the deadline for application:

  • 1 May for the autumn semester
  • 15 October for the spring semester 

You must apply for administrative admission by forwarding the completely filled out and signed Learning agreement to the receiving department at the University of Bergen.

An application cannot be made retrospectively or after the traineeship has started.

Application deadline:

Start autumn semester (August):

1 May 2024*

Start spring (January) and sommer semester 2025:

15 October 2024*

*Final deadline! No extension will be given after these dates.

Students will be informed by mid-June /mid-December of the outcome of their application.

Required documentation:

A traineeship period for less than 2 months will not be registered.

Traineeship offers

At the moment there are no advertised offers, but you can still contact a department or research group of your interest to find out if they offer traineeships.