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Summer Trip to Salhus Knitting Museum

This year the Service centre for International Mobility as a tradition arranged a summer trip to the Norwegian Knitting Museum, on 20th June.

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A group of 32 International University of Bergen employees with their families joined in the summer trip on a guided tour at the knitting factory in Salhus. The youngest participant in the group was only 1 year old. These were from different faculties. However, this time we did not have participants from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Humanities Faculty. We hope next time they will find time to join us.

The group was showed how various machines worked and we watched a video of once a factory for 25 minutes. The production line at the factory still stands intact, from the time the cotton is delivered to the finished wool garment. Among the things that the factory produced were men’s under wear, the then famous Krone-Maco. A pair of underpants was said to last for several years. These were also exported to other countries including America and Japan.

It was a warm wonderful evening with a lot of sunshine.