Department of Mathematics

Porous Media Group

The Reservoir Group educates students and researchers in the basic challenges associated with solving the equations that describe flow and transport in porous media. These include the development of rigorous mathematical foundations for the empirical physical laws of fluid motion in porous media, numerical methods for solving the partial differential equations that arise, and characterisation of reservoir properties via inverse modelling based on the observed production history of a reservoir.

Flow in porous media and reservoir mechanics

The large oil and gas resources in the North Sea has given Norway economic prosperity, and Norwegian industry has world leading expertise in oil exploration and production. Now, those same reservoirs are on the verge of becoming Europe's most important storage sites for carbon dioxide (CO2). It is important for Norway to maintain high production, ensuring that the industry becomes even better and remains a world leader in carbon storage technology. At the same time, we want to generate interest in engineering solutions to environmental problems such as extraction of geothermal energy for commercial purposes and modelling of the transport of pollutant particles through bedrock/soil (subsurface).