Porous Media Group

Education and master studies on porous media

The Porous Media Group at the Department of Mathematics carries out research and provides training in the simulation and modelling of fluid motion in porous media. In the courses we offer here you can learn about the physical processes and mathematical models that are used in reservoir simulation.

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The University of Bergen has trained many employees in leading positions in oil companies and research organizations, not only in Norway. The Porous Media Group at the Department of Mathematics was founded early in the 1980s, and the collaboration with industry has borne fruits. Many who studied applied mathematics work today as reservoir engineers for these companies.

If you are a UiB student and are interested to do your Master's project with us, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We gladly assist you in setting up a study plan; usually, we recommend taking courses among MAT160, MAT212, MAT232, MAT234, MAT252, MAT254, MAT260, MAT261, MAT264, and MAT360 as part of your Bachelor's or Master's degree. Below you can find completed Master theses from previous years.

Completed master projects