Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Members of the evaluation committee

Please note that there are currently two Norwegian doctoral degrees: the PhD degree (most common) and the dr.philos.-degree. The letter you receive when the committe is appointed will state whether this is a PhD or a dr.philos.

  • The committee must submit a joint, written evaluation of the candidate's work in good time (minimum 3 weeks) before the planned defence of the thesis. It is important that the joint conclusion whether or not the work is worthy of being publicly defended, is clear.
  • The committee may not accept a thesis on condition that changes are made to the material submitted. The evaluation should conclude as to whether the qualitative and quantitative scientific requirements for a 3-year doctoral degree have been met, and whether the thesis is worthy of being publicly defended for the degree of PhD.

Practical information

As a member of the evaluation committee, you will receive a standard monetary remuneration as a small appreciation of the work that you do. The appropriate department will also cover your travel expenses and accommodation.