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Submission of the PhD thesis

Jarl Underhaug

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The thesis must include an abstract of the thesis, one in English and one in Norwegian (from 19.04.22).

You apply for submission of your thesis by email to the PhD coordinator at your department (find the correct email address below). Use the application form found to the right of this page. Please use the title Application to submit PhD thesis in the subject field.

I addition to the application you must enclose to the email a co-author statement written and signed by your main supervisor. The thesis is not considered submitted until the candidate has submitted the application for assessment together with the thesis and co-author declaration to the department.

Please note that the training component must be completed and approved before applying for submission og the doctoral thesis. According to the PhD regulations a submitted work cannot be withdrawn before a final decision has been made about whether it is worthy of being defended for the PhD degree. The thesis will be evaluated as submitted (PhD regulations § 11.1).

Filling in the application for submission

The application must include a link to the thesis. You create this link by uploading the thesis on the website filesender.uninett.no. The file should be available for 180 days after uploading. After you have uploaded the thesis you will receive a link to the thesis by email.The thesis must be in accordance with the recommended format and thesis template, and must be in a single pdf file.

The form you submit must be filled in electronically, do not print the form. The department will use the same form to submit proposal for the evaluating committee to the faculty, so you should not not fill in anything here. You will be informed of the composition of the evaluating committee via digital mail or e-mail when approved by the faculty.

Email addresses:

Deapartment of Physics and Technologyphd.ift@uib.no 
Department of Mathematicsphd.math@uib.no 
Department of Informaticsphd.ii@uib.no
Department of Chemistrysubmission.phd.kj@uib.no
Department of Biological Sciencessubmission.phd.bio@uib.no
Geophysical Institutephd.gfi@uib.no
Department of Earth Sciencesubmission.phd@geo.uib.no