Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Doctoral eduaction at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Training component

The training component (course work) is an obligatory part of the doctoral education and must correspond to at least 30 credits (ECTS). The training component must contain academic and methodological training, training in dissemination, philosophy of science and ethics. It is important that the elements of the training component are relevant to the PhD project as a whole.

Main content

The content of the coursework component must be such that, together with the work on the thesis and previous education, it provides the necessary academic breadth and specialisation embodied in the objective of the doctoral programme. The elements of the coursework component shall be relevant to the PhD candidate's research project.

The coursework component shall comprise 30 credits and consists of the following elements:

  • Courses, research courses, specialised syllabi, 20-22 credits
  • Philosophy of science and ethics, 5 credits
  • Dissemination, 3-5 credits Including presentation at international conference.

For more detalied information, please see the Programme description here.