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Who can you turn to if a professor doesn’t show up his lecture? Who receives nominations, criticism, compliments or other inquiries? The student unions at matnat can in many ways be compared to the labor unions at a workplace, and their main task is to connect the students with the administration.

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What to do at matnat?


The student unions are the link between the students and the university. They represent the interests of the students, and always strive to increase the academic and social quality

By participating in the Institute Counci, Program Board and similar activities, the union representatives provide academic feedback from students, thus being directly involved in the shaping and making of the educational programs.

The Realist Committee (RU) is the highest student body and connect the student unions to the faculty management. RU consists of a central government, with representatives from each of the respective unions, and is responsible for locker distribution, awarding the lecturer of the year and create the mentor's board. Among other things.

MatNatPrat is the faculty's student newspaper, and picked up the pieces after QED printed their last newspaper a couple of years ago.
MatNatPrat is politically independent, and aims to provide the students with a good mix of entertainment, updates from the academic life and a dose of professional input.


Unfortunately, the information per today is only available in Norwegian, but ask your fellow student to translate for you if you want to get in touch with one of the organizations.


Why volunteer?

Although being a student is considered a full time job, long days in the lab and reading room should not dominate your time here in Bergen. Spending the day doing something meaningful off campus will not only help you improve as a person, it’s a great way to

  • freshen up your resume

  • make new friends

  • learn a whole bunch of new skills


...and last but not least; you’ll have a lot of fun!

Many of our students come to Bergen with “a clean slate”, and in the relatively closed society Norwegians live in, it can sometimes be difficult to make new friends. By volunteering you’ll get to know a lot of new people, whether you like it or not, and can suddenly act out on a whole new social platform.