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Personal safety when travelling

Recommendations from UiB and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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When traveling it is important to take into account your own personal safety. It is therefore recommended to use the University of Bergen's travel agency, currently Berg-Hansen, and Eurocard. Through Berg-Hansen, you will have personal 24 hours a day service if you find yourself in a situation where you need tickets or hotels immediately, telephone number +47 22 00 80 50. Through Eurocard you also have travel insurance for travels up to 45 days, and their 24 hour service will be able to assist in emergencies.

Recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has official pages where they have assessed the security in some countries and areas, as well as a register service where you can register your stay abroad. Please note that both pages are available in Norwegian only. It is recommended to always register your journeys, even in Europe. It is also important to note that your travel insurance is not valid if you stay in an area listed as "not advised" to travel. Contact your HR / Administration Advisor if you plan to travel to such an area.