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Academic article
  • 2019. Kinase chemodiversity from the Arctic: the breitfussins. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 10167-10181.
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  • 2014. Havet - vårt nye medisinskap?
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2016. Peptider, peptidomimetika og legemiddelutvikling.
  • 2013. Hvordan lager man legemiddelmolekyler?
  • 2012. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012.
  • 2012. Peptider og legemiddelutvikling.
  • 2012. Hvordan lager man et legemiddel?
  • 2007. Antimikrobielle peptider - En kilde til utvikling av fremtidenslegemidler mot mikrober og kreft?
Academic lecture
  • 2016. Discovery of LTX-315 - A potential first-in-class oncolytic peptide.
  • 2016. BIOSNet - From marine natural products to commercial leads.
  • 2015. Total synthesis of breitfussin A and B.
  • 2014. Design and synthesis of substrates and inhibitors for Proteinase 3.
  • 2014. Design and synthesis of ketomethylene-based inhibitors of human neutrophil Proteinase 3.
  • 2012. Synthesis of piperidine derivatives.
  • 2012. Novel Renin Inhibitors.
  • 2012. Hvordan lager man et legemiddel?
  • 2010. [3+2] Cycloaddition of benzyl azide to two highly functionalized alkynes.
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  • 2006. Synthesis of a Gln-Phe hydroxyethylene dipeptide isostere.
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Other product
  • 2001. Antimicrobial compounds and formulations.
  • 2010. IUPAC ICOS-18 Proceedings.
Popular scientific article
  • 2001. FARGESTOFFER I SOPP. Blekksoppen. 16-19.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2016. Synthesis of Bicyclic CXCR4 Antagonists .
  • 2014. Synthesis of serine protease inhibitors.
  • 2012. Synthesis of novel renin inhibitors.
  • 2012. Synthesis of Some Nitrogen Heterocycles of Medicinal Relevance.
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  • 2017. Synthesis of the natural product (3Z,6Z)-3-((1H-imidazol-5-yl)methylene)-6-(2-methylpropylidene)-piperazine-2,5-dione.
  • 2017. Halogenation of electron rich heterocycles: Where does it go?
  • 2016. Total Synthesis of Breitfussin A and B.
  • 2016. Synthesis of a Challenging Amide.
  • 2016. Synthesis of Analogues of the Bioactive Compound Barettin.
  • 2016. Scaffold-based tripeptidomimetic CXCR4 antagonists.
  • 2015. Synthetic studies towards peptidomimetic CXCR4 antagonists.
  • 2015. Synthetic studies towards nitroreductase-activated fluorescent probes.
  • 2015. Synthetic studies towards CXCR4 antagonists.
  • 2014. Synthetic studies towards CXCR4 antagonists.
  • 2014. Synthetic studies towards CXCR4 antagonists.
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  • 2012. Synthesis of a Ketomethylene Dipeptide Isostere.
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  • 2011. Synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted piperidines.
  • 2009. Cycloaddition with highly functionalized terminal alkynes.
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  • 2001. Preparation of (2S)-3-amino-(2,2,5,7,8-pentamethyl-chroman-6-sulfonyl)-1H-indol-3-yl)-propionic acid and its incorporation into antibacterial lactoferricin peptides.
Academic literature review
  • 2015. Progress toward rationally designed small-molecule peptide and peptidomimetic CXCR4 antagonists. 1261-1283.
  • 2007. The medicinal chemistry of short lactoferricin-based antibacterial peptides. 1-18.

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