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Leon Commandeur

PhD Candidate, Doctoral Research Fellow

My main research interests lie in the philosophy of logic.

I have been a teaching-assistant at the University of Amsterdam in the following courses:

  • Logic and the Linguistic Turn (BA Philosophy): first-­year BA Philosophy course of which the course content mainly consisted out of philosophical logic, early Wittgenstein (Tractatus) and philosophy of language.
  • Philosophy and AI (BSc Artifical Intelligence): third-year BSc Artificial Intelligence course of which the course content consisted mainly out of Epistemology, Ethics of AI, Bayesianism, Computability, Philosophy of Mind, Causality.
  • Reflection on Digital Society (BSc Informatics): second-year BSc Informatics course, reflecting on the historical development and current impact of digital technologies on our society, covering issues such as privacy, cybersecurity, datafication, human enhancement and the relation between technology and society.

My thesis for the Master of Logic (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam can be found here.