Bergen Logic Group



The Bergen Logic Group is a research group at the Department of Philosophy. The group's research area includes formal logic, philosophy of logic, theory of argumentation, and rationality. At the moment, the group is responsible for three externally funded research projects, and is one out of three research groups designated for seed funding from the Faculty of Humanities in the period 2019-2021.

In addition to workshops and conferences, the group organizes a regular work in progress seminar. Check out the calendar for more information.

The members of the group currently teach the logic courses in the Department of Philosophy: LOG110 (Introduction to formal logic), LOG111 (Deduction and metalogic) og LOG112 (Introduction to philosophical logic). The group also leads a teaching project funded by DIKU that aims to develop a new learning design for argumentation theory in examen philosophicum. [Pål Antonsen, Ole Hjortland].


Pavia workshop

The Bergen Logic Group visited Pavia and the centre UISS. Together with UISS and the University of Bologna we organized a workshop in the philosophy of logic, especially logical pluralism and anti-exceptionalism.

To figurer som som står i hver sin ende av tallet 6 / 9 slik at det ser ut som 6 for den ene og 9 for den andre.
May 28

Bergen Logical Epistemology Workshop and Masterclass 2019

This year’s Bergen Workshop on Logical Disagreements will be held on the 28th-29th May, with the Early-Career Masterclass following on the 30th-31st May. Details about the events and registration below. All welcome!

Drawing in black and white of a girl who sits thoughtfull at the ground.
Oct 15

4th Filomena Workshop (Philosophy, Logic, and Analytical Metaphysics)

The fourth edition of the FILOMENA Workshop (Philosophy, Logic and Analytic Metaphysics) has the purpose of gathering logicians working at the intersection of Logic and Metaphysics, through the application of formal methods in Philosophy.

How do logics explain?
Oct 17

Workshop: How do logics explain?

The Bergen Logic Group and the RCN project `Anti-Exceptionalism About Logic' is organizing its fourth event on topics in the philosophy of logic, October 17-18, 2019.

Masterclass in Pavia

Masterclass in anti-exceptionalism

IUSS in Pavia hosted UiB-researchers Ole Hjortland og Ben Martin for a week in March.