The Rectorate

Pro-Rector Margareth Hagen

Professor Margareth Hagen has been elected Pro-Rector of the University of Bergen for the period 2017-2021.

Phone: 55 58 93 77
Cell phone: 416 19 662
E-mail: Margareth.Hagen@uib.no
Visiting address: Muséplass 1

Blog: http://rektor.b.uib.no/


The Pro-Rector is the Rector’s elected deputy. The Pro-Rector has a particular responsibility for the development of the University’s research activities and also focuses strongly on the internal organisation of the University. The Pro-Rector heads the University’s research committee, ethical committee and the interim board of the University Library. 

Margareth Hagen is Professor of Italian Literature. Hagen has broad organizational and managerial experience from UiB. She has been Head of Research at the Department of Foreign Languages and has, further, led the Equality Committee at UiB. She was until 31.07.2017 Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

Her research has focused on the relationship between poetics, literature and history in 16th century Italy. In recent years, however, she has worked on issues at the intersection between the humanities and natural sciences. She is a central member of the Literature and Science research group that seeks to transcend the traditional distinction between the two disciplinary cultures.