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Contradictions of the Sustainable Development Goals in food security

Is the Himalayan farmers’ capacity to adapt to climate change congruent with the goal of national food security?

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Tor Halfdan Aase
UiB Global / Department of Geography
University of Bergen

The international debate on adaptation to climate change revolves around some ‘nodal signs’ like sustainability; resilience; flexibility; transformation; productivity; adaptive capacity; innovation; etc.  These are all concepts with positive connotations, but are they conjunctive in terms of feeding growing populations in poor countries? The seminar will scrutinize the relationship between farmers’ rationality and national goals of food security with special emphasis on the apparent contradiction between ‘flexibility’ and ‘productivity’ in the Himalayas.

Tor Halfdan Aase is professor at Department of Geography at University of Bergen and associated Senior Researcher at Centre for Climate Research (CICERO) in Oslo.  He is presently working on the ‘Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme’ (HICAP) in collaboration with ICIMOD/Kathmandu and UNEP Grid Arendal, funded by Norwegian Ministry of foreign Affairs.