NORHED II Programme

The NORHED programme

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NORHED is Norway’s national flagship programme on higher education and research for development. NORHED II represents the second time the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) awards funding through the programme. A total of 1.1 billion Norwegian kroner (NOK) were awarded to a total of 60 projects out of 199 applications, of which NOK 290 million were awarded to 14 University of Bergen (UiB) projects.

The aim of the NORHED programme is to strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in the global south to produce higher-quality graduates, more research, higher quality research, and more inclusive higher education. The programme is based on a collaborative partnership model between higher education institutions in Norway and the global south.

The intended impacts of the NORHED programme are:

  • Better qualified workforce
  • Applied sustainable solutions and practices
  • Evidence-based policies
  • Enhanced gender equality and inclusion

More information is found in NORHED II Programme document.

Kick Off meeting - NORHED II at UiB

All 14 projects were presented at a kick off meeting in September 2021. The event also included a panel discussion about how the projects will benefit all partners, and how they connect to Agenda 2030. In the panel: Rector at UiB, Margareth Hagen, the General Director at Norad, Bård Vegar Solhjell, Professor Barnabas Nawangwe, Vice Chancellor, Makerere University and Professor Francis Mutua, University of Nairobi.

You can watch the kick off on YouTube.