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Best PhD prize 2019

Yet another best PhD prize for the Brain Tumour Immunology and Therapy Group!

Best PhD prize 2019 – Andrea Gras Navarro - “Towards Natural Killer cellular Immunotherapy for glioblastoma. KIR-HLA ligand interaction and proteasome inhibitors to potentiate efficacy"

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Andrea Gras Navarro was awarded a highly competitive University of Bergen medical faculty 4-year PhD stipend in 2015.

These faculty PhD positions are very important and attractive as they fill big funding gap   for translational or basic research. The major grant bodies that fund translational science, e.g. The Norwegian Cancer Society and The research Council of Norway either no longer support PhD positions or are extremely difficult to obtain funding from (respectively). 

The best PhD prize is a personal prize, a recognition and accolade for 4 years of hard work and focus in scientific research and in teaching obligations that take up 25% of the PhD period. It is also a recognition of the research group and scientific environment as it takes a village to successfully foster excellent students. So as supervisor and on behalf of all members of my research group, BTI, and the larger Brain Tumour Research laboratory, I am also delighted and proud that Gras Navarro received this accolade.