Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)
Workshop october 2018

Andor Acadamy - workshop on Dragonfly confocal and Imaris

Welcome to a 2-days workshop 17.-18. Oct. with the Andor Academy team and Bitplane (Imaris) representatives.


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We are happy to host a 2-days workshop at our new Andor Dragonfly confocal and the image analysis software Imaris.

This event, the Andor Acadamy, will give you highly relevant talks, and you can sign up for demos at the microscope and hands on workshops on the Imaris software.  

Registration is done through the Andor web page. You will sign up on workshops the first day of the event.

This is a unique opportuinity to get familiar with this brand new in house confocal and all the possibilities it brings to science.

Participation is free of charge.