Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

Upgrade of the preclinical MRI system

MIC is happy to report that the upgrade of the preclinical MRI system is now complete and the system has passed all the acceptance tests.

Anne Sidsel Herdlevær

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The new system can deliver state-of-the-art MR images of rat and mouse anatomy, as well as pathology and physiology. It has has a stronger shim and gradient system which means that our users will finally be able to use advance imaging protocols that rely on fast imaging techniques, such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), arterial spin-labeling and fMRI. The multi-channel receive technology enables the use of phased-array coils which give a superior signal-to-noise ratio and enable accelerated imaging. The new MR spectrometer has more space for data storage, and users can now easily transfer data to a second computer for data analysis. We have also organised the MR facility and added additional storage space for our users. 

We welcome old and new users to our lab and take advantage of the new system and its capabilities.

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