Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

The 5th NorMIC Symposium in Bergen

The Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) is this year hosts the fifth national NorMIC microscopy symposium to be held in Bergen on October 25th – 26th 2012. In addition to international and national speakers, suppliers will install whole confocal microscopes for the participants to bring their own samples.

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The program includes two invited international speakers, Melike Lakadamyali and Ben Giepmans as well as scientific talks and presentations by rearchers from Tromsø, Trondheim, Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen. There will also be scientific presentations by researchers using the participating suppliers state-of-the-art instruments, amongst them Alberto Diaspro. These presentations replace the sales presentations held the previous years.

The suppliers will also install at least two state-of-the-art confocal microscopes and other instruments in a separate room in the immediate vicinity of the auditorium where the talks will be held. It will thus be possible to have demos and/or test the new instrumentation with you own samples. If you want to participate in more than single lectures and also benefit from our offer of a free lunch, we kindly ask you to sign up through this link or at the bottom of the program.