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TELL aims at providing research-based knowledge about written and multimodal texts used in the teaching and learning of English as L2.

In addition to internal meetings and workshops, the research group arranges open guest lectures and seminars with research presentations and discussions.


Anthology workshop: On 22-23 June, 2020, TELL members are invited to the University of Bergen for a workshop where we discuss and revise contributions to our planned anthology about the use of multimodal texts in the teaching and learning of English. Scholars from four continents will be contributing chapters to the anthology, and we hope to welcome as many as possible in Bergen in June.

TELL arranged an introductory seminar on 19 September, 2019, with presentations of TELL members and their ongoing and planned research. Following the seminar, Senior Teaching Fellow Sophia Diamantopoulou from the Centre of Multimodal Research gave a guest lecture entitled Multimodal Social Semiotics: Implications for teaching and learning in the English Classroom. 

How is a multimodal theory of communication relevant to teachers of English in their everyday practice?

This session offers an overview of the field of multimodal social semiotics as developed by Gunther Kress to account for the contemporary communication landscape, signaling new shifts of paradigm in our understanding of teaching and learning.

Drawing from research projects on teaching and learning in English classrooms, Sophia Diamantopoulou from UCL explores what is multimodal about the subject of English and what kind of questions multimodality asks of English as a school subject.

The session will attend to the implications of the new turn to multimodality for the way we conceptualize learning in the English classroom, design learning resources and facilitate classroom interaction. It will argue for a radical rethinking of a way we evaluate and access learning, shifting our attention to Kress’ notion of ‘recognition’ as a pedagogical tool in the English Classroom.  


Sophia Diamantopoulou is Senior Teaching Fellow at the UCL Institute of Education and has previously worked as a teacher across a number of learning sites, including Teaching English as a Second Language. She was worked on various educational research projects and has designed the action research project for the Tate Ideas Factory project entailing an integrated approach to learning English across learning sites (https://www.tate.org.uk/download/file/fid/46403). She is a member of the Centre for Multimodal Research and the organizer of the Visual and Multimodal Research Forum. Her research interests lie in the fields of visual communication, discourse analysis of learning resources, museum education and embodied learning.