Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies


Anne Margrete Fiskvik

Choreomusical relationships: The power of music in relation to dance

This lecture will investigate the power – or non-power of music in relation to dance and dancing. So-called Choreomusical analysis is a term that encompasses many different aspects of the relationships between dance and music. The lecture will give a short introduction to this type of research, and investigate different types of relationships that can exist between dance and music. The lecture will be accompanied by several visual /aural examples.

Key Questions

  1. The power - or non power of music in relation to dance and dancing: What do we see and what do we hear in dance performances?

Recommended Reading

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Anne Margrete Fiskvik holds the position as Professor at the Department of Musicology, Program for Dance Studies, NTNU, Trondheim. She is also Chair of the same program. Previously a professional dancer and choreographer, she has pursued an academic career. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on so-called Choreomusical relations. Her main research areas are: early dance history, Norwegian theatre dance history, Choreomusical analysis and practice(s) in theatre dance, dance and philosophy and popular dance and music cultures. Fiskvik has published numerous articles and book chapters within those areas as well as being responsible for all entries and articles on lexica such as the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (De Gruyter). Her most recent article, ”Let No One Invite Me, for I Do Not Dance”: Kierkegaard’s Attitudes toward Dance was published in Eric Ziolkowski’s (editor) Kierkegaard, Literature and the arts (Northwestern University Press 2018).