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Viva Voce Examination - Viggo Krüger

March 2 at 10 am Viggo Krüger will defend his doctoral thesis at a viva voce examination at the Grieg Academy. This is the first viva in music therapy at the University of Bergen since music therapy was established there as a discipline in 2006. Krüger's dissertation is about adolescents' perspectives on participation in a community music therapy practice within the child welfare.

Time: Friday March 2, 2012 at 10.00 am

Location: Gunnar Sævigs sal, Grieg Academy - Department of Music, Lars Hillesgt. 3, Bergen

First opponent: Even Ruud, Professor, University of Oslo

Second opponent: Astrid Strandbu, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Tromsø

Head of the committee: Randi Rolvsjord, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Bergen


Music- narrative - community: Community music therapy in context of child welfare practice

Krugers PhD work explores how adolescents living under the care of Norwegian child welfare use music in different settings. The study aims to gain knowledge based on how young people describe their use of music in settings which include everyday situations and participation in organized Community music therapy activities. Kruger base his work on how adolescents who have participated in Community music therapy activities create stories related to different themes. He relate research questions to two basic perspectives; a human rights perspective on one hand and a socio-cultural perspective on the other.

Kruger describe implications for Community music therapy in the context of child welfare with many challenges and paradoxes which have to be solved through practice. He present three different strategies which can be seen in relation to preparation of "good enough" practice. Firstly Community music therapy is described as a way for the individual young person to make and maintain contact with the music therapist. The strategy includes person-oriented activities such as conversation, songwriting, and the use of music technology. Secondly Kruger propose a strategy called Community music therapy as a meeting place. This strategy includes community-oriented activities such as playing in a band or doing songwriting collectively. The strategy facilitates peer group relations, contact with family members or adults from child welfare institutions. The third strategy is described as Community music therapy as citizen participation. The strategy involves working with community related aspects such as values, rights and attitudes.

Furthermore, Kruger suggest that appropriate participation-oriented practices are arranged so that it is possible to take inclusive multiple perspectives in account regarding the choice of strategy. This means that children and young people are given the opportunity to receive guidance and support of adults and that they have the opportunity to be with their peers where friendship and social support can be found. Put another way, it is important that children experience a balance between support and boundaries and are given freedom to create a separate identity as young teenagers.

Viggo Krüger was born April 23, 1971 in Bærum and grew up in Loddefjord. He graduated as a music therapist at Sogn&Fjordane University College, and then he didthe master (hovedfag) at Norwegian Academy of Music. Since 2006 he has been a PhD candidate at GAMUT, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen. He also works as a music therapist at Aleris Ungplan, a child welfare institution. Since 2002 Kruger has facilitateted music workshops for children and adolescents living under care of the Norwegian child welfare system.


PS! The viva voce will be held in Norwegian.

Norwegian title: Musikk - fortelling - fellesskap, en kvalitativ undersøkelse av ungdommers perspektiver på deltagelse i samfunnsmusikkterapeutisk praksis i barnevernsarbeid.

Abstract in Norwegian


Trial lecture

Title: to be announced.  

Time: Thursday March 1, at 15.15

Location: Gunnar Sævigs Sal, Grieg Academy - Department of Music, Lars Hillesgt 3, Bergen