Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Trial lecture and defense at the Grieg Academy

Tuesday 13 September Tunca Arican will give his trial lecture and defend his doctoral thesis at the Grieg Academy.

The trial lecture has the title "The reflexive researcher": The theoretical challenges and
ethical implications of participant observer fieldwork.

Time of the trial lecture: 13.09.2011 at 10.15 am. More details can be found here.


The title of Arican´s thesis is TURKISH RAP IN THE NETHERLANDS: Globalization, Diasporic Identity and Cultural Conservatism.

Time of the defense: 13.09.2011 at 15.15 am. More details can be found here.


Both the trial lecture and the defense will take place in Gunnar Sævigs Sal, Grieg Academy – Department of Music, Lars Hillesgt 3.