Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies
International Research Seminar

Performing sound and sentiment, self and society

Welcome to Grieg Research School's second research seminar in interdisciplinary music studies - this time with a focus on the study of musical performance. The research seminar will take place at the University of Bergen November 28 –December 1, 2011, and Grieg Research School invites you to participate as a PhD candidate or as a delegate.

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Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies (GRS) invites you to participate in the international research seminar Performing sound and sentiment, self and society. You may participate as a PhD candidate or as a delegate.


Subject/Focus: Interdisciplinary Music Studies – The study of musical performance

Title: Performing sound and sentiment, self and society

Place: University of Bergen, Sydneshaugen skole, Sydnesplassen 9

Dates: November 28 –December 1, 2011


Performance is one of several interdisciplinary topics that is shared among various music disciplines but approached quite differently. What is performance, why do we perform, and what do we perform when we perform? Is performance a specialized form of practice, or essential to our everyday life?

In artistic research and musicology, performance and performances are central topics of study, while it perhaps is a more controversial area within research in music education and music therapy. Some researchers talk of the performative turn in music studies, and this seminar will explore how varies approaches to the study of performance may support and challenge each other.

The seminar is open for PhD candidates, artistic research fellows, higher music education staff on research qualification programmes, senior researchers and supervisors, master students and others with interest in the topic.

The seminar will include keynotes, presentations and discussions, as well as a Preliminary Viva Voce Examination. Keynotes and presenters include Trygve Aasgaard  from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (music therapy), Jill Halstead from the University of Bergen (musicology), Tiri Bergesen Schei from Bergen University College (music education), Hans Knut Sveen from University of Bergen (artistic research), and others.

Programme for downloading can be found to the right on this website.



For registration, send an email to liv.qvale@uni.no.

Closing date for registration: November 21, 2011.


Information for candidates

Candidates who participate with a presentation may submit a written paper to the GRS professional committee for evaluation. This paper may be written in English or Norwegian, and should follow the guidelines on the GRS website. Full participation and approved paper is recognized by GRS as 5 ECTS credits.

Deadline for paper submission: February 1, 2012.

The time frame for each presentation is usually 60 minutes, with 30-40 minutes for a paper in English, leading up to a 20-30 minutes response and discussion. Candidates should also be prepared to take part in discussions about their projects in other formats.


“The Holberg Days” and the conference “The Effects of Music”

Friday December 2 there is the annual regional conference “The Effects of Music”, this year with a specific focus on music therapy. Lecturers will include prominent music therapy researchers from Norway and abroad, with focus on the latest research and developments in this field.

A special event is included in the conference this year, as there will be a chance to see (and try!) the new science center (VilVite) exhibition about music therapy. As far as we are informed, this is the first science center exhibition about music therapy internationally. Official opening of this exhibition will be arranged December 6.

Candidates are encouraged to spend the whole week in Bergen and to participate in The Holberg Days (Holbergdagene), the PhD seminars, and the conference. More information is available on the websites of Holbergdagene, Musicnet West, and GAMUT.


Practical information

Participation in the research seminar is free for all PhD candidates who are members of GRS, and for higher education staff and other delegates from the owner institutions. Delegates from other institutions will pay a seminar fee of NOK 2500, -. Candidates and other delegates cover their own expenses for travel and accommodation, and for the dinner Wednesday evening. There are many nice and cheap pensions and guesthouses in Bergen if you book early. The Holberg Days has a sponsor agreement with Comfort hotel Holberg that candidates are welcome to make use of (Price NOK 620 per night). The booking will go through the research school, so when you register for the seminar, please specify if you want GRS to make a reservation for you. There is a limited number of rooms available, so be quick!