Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

Researching music practices

June 18-21 Grieg Research School and Bergen University College together arranged an international research seminar on methodology. The seminar gathered 60 participants, and the overall response after the seminar has been good.

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We would like to thank you all for participating in the seminar, and we'll here bring forward greetings from two of the seminar participants.


Tamara Thies, a PhD candidate in Music Education, coming all the way from The University of Iowa to participate, brings forward this statement:

- The Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Studies offers a wonderful seminar that attracts an eclectic group of individuals in research. The integration of the differing fields of music (education, therapy, history, performance, musicology, etc.) sparks new ideas and approaches to studying similar topics. What a wonderful opportunity to interact with a group of eclectic individuals!


It is important to GRS that besides being tailored for PhD candidates, the seminars should also be relevant to candidates from university colleges being in the process of becoming associate professors without going through the traditional PhD process, in Norwegian called "førstelektor" candidates.

Øystein Salhus, a music therapist and assistant professor at Volda University College, was one of 5 "førstelektor" candidates that participated at this seminar. Øystein sends us the following greeting from Volda University College:

- Thank you for good company in Bergen! It was a memorable experience to hear the music that opened the event Monday. That the music got it’s space and got to set the standard for what was to come did something to us all. Our expectations were certainly met, and the balance between artistic performances and interesting lectures gave us a better understanding of the part human expression plays in research. This gives good hope for the school’s further life, and we believe that GRS will remain a platform for a wide specter of academic approaches when it comes to understanding more about the relationships between man and the values that relates to music. So, thanks to the organizing committee of the GRS for arranging these days full of knowledge and inspiration for further research. The very best summer greetings to all!


We make Øystein's words to ours and wish you all a great summer!


Read more about the research seminar at the Bergen University College website (in Norwegian).