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Guidelines for writing essays/articles

Steinar Figved

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Guidelines for submission of an Essay Assignement or Article

  • The paper should be 4000-7000 words in length, including an abstract of usually no more than 300 words and 4-8 keywords, but excluding references (unless otherwise stated in the course documentation).
  • The paper can be written in English or Norwegian.
  • The paper should be based upon the oral presentation given by the candidate at the GRS seminar, and should take into account the feedback given during the course and/or presentation.
  • The candidate is free to choose the format of the paper i.e. whether it is theoretical or empirical in nature. Choice of format should be specified when submitting the essay
  • Standard academic requirements concerning form, argument, use of references etc. should be respected (within the conventions of the discipline, research field, and genre in question).
  • The paper should clearly demonstrate the appropriate academic knowledge, skills and competences expected of doctoral level written work.  (See Uib general guidelines for required learning outcomes for Ph.d Candidates)
  • If audio-visual material is used during the oral presentation, candidates should submit this together with the written paper, if feasible and ethically appropriate. If the paper is submitted without supplementary audio-visual materials candidates must ensure that the text is intelligible and complete without it.
  • The paper should not have been submitted previously to other PhD courses where credits have been granted.


The GRS offers the following guidelines about co-authored essays:

  • Candidates are offered the option of submitting co-authored essays.
  • Permission to submit a co-authored essay must be gained from the Scientific Advisory board before the essay is submitted.
  • The candidate must be the first author.
  • The essay should be accompanied by an exact description of the roles of both the candidate and the co-author.
  • A co-authored article will give the same amount of credits as a single authored article.