Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies
Autumn course 2014

The Study of Musical Experiences: Data collection, Interpretation and Analysis

Grieg Research School invites Ph.D. candidates and other researchers to the autumn 2014 course, which this time will focus on methods and methodology.

Steinar Figved

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The Study of Musical Experiences: Data collection, Interpretation and Analysis


The course is over, and we had a very busy and interesting week. Check out the blog written by the master students at Stord/Haugesund University College!


Dates: November 25-28, 2014

Location: University of Bergen, Sydneshaugen skole. Address: Sydnesplassen 9

Registration: registration is closed


Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies (GRS) invites Ph.D. candidates and other researchers to the autumn 2014 course. This course will focus on methods and methodology as related to the collection of data material and the analysis of data material.  

The course will be taught through lectures and workshops. Topics covered will include:


Methods of Data collection

  • Interviews: procedures and process
  • Interpersonal Process Recall Method
  • Working with focus groups: methods, concepts and practicialities
  • Workshops will focus on how to write interview guidelines, issues of reflexivity and practical conduct of interviews.


Methods of Data Analysis

  • Interpretation of empirical material in qualitative music studies
  • The role of theory in the process of interpreting data.
  • Can hermeneutics be used as an analytical method?
  • Understanding the social dimension of reflexive methodology
  • “HyperRESEARCH" as a tool for analysis. Introduction and Workshop.  

HyperRESEARCH is a cross-platform qualitative analysis software that enables users to code and retrieve, build theories and conduct analyses of data.  HyperRESEARCH allows users to work with text, graphics, audio and video sources.


Please see the Programme and Book of Abstract for more information. 


PS! There will be a Viva Voce Examination before lunch Tuesday 25 (with the trial lecture in the afternoon Monday 24). You are all welcome to attend these events as well!


Candidate work and presentations

The course will also focus on candidate work, and Ph.D. candidates, artistic research fellows and ‘førstelektor’ candidates are invited to give presentations. Senior researchers and supervisors are particularly welcome to attend the course and may give presentations if space in the programme. Master students are also welcome to participate.


Peer feedback on presentations

Each candidate will be assigned responsibility for giving feedback to a specific Ph.D. presentation. This will mean preparing by reading material carefully in advance, and preparing questions/comments/feedback. Peer feedback will be given as part of the group discussions sessions after each presentation.



We expect active participation from the candidates.

3 ECTS credits: Active participation (full attendance and approved presentation - oral or written).

5 ECTS credits: Active participation and approved essay/written assignment.

Submission of essays/written assignment is only for PhD candidates, artistic research candidates and “førstelektor” candidates.

Submission date for essay/written assignment: February 1, 2015.


Fees and accommodation

Participation in the research seminar is free for all PhD candidates who are members of GRS, higher education staff and other delegates from the owner institutions. Delegates from other institutions will pay a seminar fee of NOK 3000 and will receive an invoice from the University of Bergen.

Candidates and other delegates cover their own expenses for travel and accommodation.

There are many hotels as well as nice and cheap pensions and guesthouses in Bergen. Chech the following links for more information on accomodation: